Bella Steinmetz with her husband and relatives

This photo was taken in Israel, in Netanya. It was somewhere up, and there was a marvellous walkway all along, and what I liked that the parks weren’t symmetrical, but flowers grew freely, it was marvellous. Palmtrees all along, all kinds. There weren’t symmetric flowerbeds and trees, so that one would feel in a wonderland... The wide walkway led to the seaside. One could go down to the shore on steps. It takes one hour and a half, two hours by car to get there.

The wedding of Efraim and Eti Jakabovits

This photo was taken on the wedding of the son, Efraim Jakabovits of my sister Miriam Jakabovits [nee Grosz]. The first from left is my brother-in-law [Hersi Jakabovits], next to him is my sister, the third is my sister’s son, the groom, next to him is Eti, the bride, the fifth from left is Eti’s sister, her husband is next to her, and the person on the right side is Eti’s mother, Gizella. The bride’s family was from Botosani, they were Romanian Jews.


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