Edna and Max Sinai

This is my sister, Edna Sinai, with her husband, Max Sinai, at the wedding of some relatives from Israel. The one on the left is my brother-in-law, and my sister is on his right. I don't know the other people in the photograph. I couldn't tell who they are. The text on the back reads: 'Haifa, To remember Jacob's wedding by, my brother-in-law Eri and the Max family. Emilien Ubermann.' I don't know, I don't know them, they were probably acquaintances or even relatives of my sister's husband.

Nathan Soifer and his spouse at a wedding party

This photograph was taken at a wedding in Haifa on 20th September 1967. I can easily recognize my uncle, Nathan Soifer, who was my mother's brother - he was already very old at that time - and his wife; they are the ones on the right, sitting down. I don't recognize the other people in the photograph.

My mother had two older brothers, Nathan and Marcu, and a younger sister, Ana. Their actual name was Soifer, and they took the name of Safir. But officially they never changed their name.


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