Mazal Asael's uncle Marko Beniamin and his wife Vinucha in Israel

This is my uncle Marko and his wife Vinucha in the 1960s in Israel. He was a retailer and the photo was taken in their shop. My uncle Marko was compelled to leave for Israel as he couldn't get Bulgarian citizenship and he was chased out as a Serbian citizen in 1940. He left for Israel then, before the foundation of the country. Earlier he had worked as a barber.

Bar mitzvah of Jecky Assa, son of Eshua Almalech's cousin Mati Assa

A photo of the bar mitzvah of Jecky Assa (the boy with the glasses) taken on 30th March 1968 in Tel Aviv. He is the son of my cousin Mati Assa (Behar), daughter of my uncle Solomon, brother of my mother Zelma. The cousin Mati is the woman standing, the man standing is her husband Berto Assa. The man first from left with the glasses is Izidor Natan, husband of my sister Roza, who is next to him.

Eshua Almalech during one of his trips to Israel

I was in Israel in 1993 with my sister Roza and Hari Natan, the brother of her late husband Izidor Natan. Hari was a physician in Australia. Roza, her husband, Izidor Natan and their son Amnon, left for Israel in 1948. They lived in Ramle together with her husband's parents. In 1970 they moved to Tel Aviv. Her husband died in 1971. She still lives in Tel Aviv. She has three granddaughters and four great-grandsons.

Eshua Almalech's daughter Zelma Almalech for the first time in Israel

My daughter Zelma visiting Israel for the first time in 1958 together with her grandfather Aron and his wife Luna. We sent her there at the age of 8 to her grandparents and my sister Roza for the whole summer. My father's second wife, Luna Almalech, lived in Sofia with us until 1954. Then my parents left for Israel and lived in Tel Aviv until my father died in 1977. Luna settled in an old people's home in Rishon Letzion near Tel Aviv where she died in 1981.

Eshua Almalech during his first visit in Israel

I visited Israel for the first time in 1957 together with some friends. I am the second from left, holding the son of the woman next to me, Reni Assa, wife of a friend of mine. I decided not to leave for Israel, but I believe that everybody has the right to make his or her own choice where to live. I have always kept in touch with my relatives - through letters, visits. I have visited them many times since my first visit in 1957. When I was for the first time in Israel I saw how beautiful the country was. I lived there in my parents' apartment in Tel Aviv .


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