Simon Gringras

This is a photo of my eldest brother, taken in a kibbutz in Palestine some time between 1922 and 1925.

He had various names: Simon, Zygmunt or Symche - in his Polish and French papers. Simon went to Palestine, in 1921 or 1922, I think.

It was a well-known fact that an awful lot of lads from Jewish families tried to dodge their draft, and they used various techniques.

Yvonne Capuano-Molho’s first trip to Israel

This photo was taken in 1957 on the boat ‘Ermes’ upon our arrival in Haifa.

I participated in a free trip to Israel. The occasion for that trip was the opportunity for Egyptian Jews to escape from Nasser’s Egypt and make aliyah after the Suez Crisis.

We didn’t discuss Israel or other Jewish subjects with our Christian friends. It just didn’t happen. Not that we refused to talk, but they didn’t share the same interests with us.

Josef and Marcel Alvo with their families

This picture is taken in Danny's wedding at Tel Aviv. First from right, seated is my aunt Bella.

Next to her, second from right, seated, is uncle Joseph. First from right, standing, is Yvonne Gattegno. Next to her, second from right, standing, is Marcel.

First from left, standing, is Marcel's wife, Renee. Next to her, second from right, standing, is Ziva the granddaughter of uncle Joseph, whose mother Renee had died on her birth.

Danny Alvo's wedding

This picture is taken on Danny's wedding with Rika Romano in Tel Aviv. Ziva is first from right, seated.

On her left side is Rachel, Marcel's daughter. Rachel and Ziva had almost the same age. Danny is fourth from right, seated.

Next to him (third from left, seated), is his wife, Rika. Next to Rika, second from left, seated, is her mother Elen Romano and then first from left, seated, Rika's grandmother. Rika's grandmother was a wonderful lady who was born in Izmir and spoke fluent Greek.

Mico Alvo with a relative in Tel Aviv

This picture is taken in Tel Aviv. On the left is the brother of Marcel's wife, who later on got married to the sister of Danny's wife.

I remember that during my initial training in Gaza, whenever I took a leave, I would go as often as I could to Tel Aviv, and would always stay at my uncle's home.

They gave me a leave for the first time when uncle Joseph came and visited me with a marshal from Tel Aviv. Later on, before leaving for Egypt, they gave me permission for a week I think, or ten days. And I went to Tel Aviv.

Mico Alvo with a group of Salonica Jews in Netanya

When I was in Palestine, I had found a few people that had arrived there from Thessaloniki.

And when I was on leave, we used to meet. Here we are in an excursion in Natanya. I was the only one doing his military service -all the rest were civilians. I used to hang out a lot with these girls.

After arriving in Turkey and then in Aleppo, they told us that we would go to Gaza. But my uncle Joseph was in Tel Aviv. So, as we passed through Haifa, there were many Jews from Thessaloniki who were working at the docks. And I heard them speaking in Spanish.

Josef Alvo's family and Antonis Papahrisanthou

This is a picture of my uncle Joseph (first from right), Antonis Papahrisanthou (standing), Joseph's granddaughter Ziva (third from right), his daughter Julie/Pnena (second from left), and his wife Bella (first from left).

Joseph Alvo first went at school at the Talmud Torah and later on, I think, he also went to the Alliance school. I don't know why he and my father were at the same grade at school, even though Joseph was two years older.

Mico Alvo and his cousins in Tel Aviv

This is a picture taken in Tel Aviv.

My cousin Yvonne is second from right, my cousin Pnena is first from right, I am on the rows, and I am not sure whether the man second from left is Toris.

At that time I was already a navigation officer and they had given me a leave, because they did not know what to do with us. We had rented a boat and I had the chance to row a little bit and remember the old days.

Mico Alvo with friends from the Air Force

This is a picture of myself (on the right), with a friend from the air force (on the left).

He was a Jew from Turkey who was nevertheless a Greek citizen. During the war the Turks had forced the Jews, the Armenians and the Greeks to pay a special tax.

And those that would not pay, would be taken to prison. Since he was a Greek citizen, he fled Turkey and came to serve in the Middle East.

After we escaped from Athens to Turkey, they put us on a train to Aleppo. Aleppo is in Syria, the nearest place to the Turkish borders.

The wedding of Mairy Angel's brother Alberto Karasso

This is my brother's Alberto Smoel Karasso marriage with Korin Benveniste from Thessalonica.

My brother Abraham - Alberto Karasso was born on 1922 in Thessalonica.

He lives in Israel. After the war he was working here and there. He was very capable and hardworking. But after a while he was called to the army.

He would be send to Athens were there was still the Kinima. Two of his friends had already died. He had survived from the Germans and did not want to die because of the rebellion.


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