Pesia Marjenburger and her cousin Tamara

This is me and my cousin Tamara. This is my first postwar picture. We returned from the evacuation and settled down at my mother younger sister Sonja's. Sonja had a daughter, and my mother did the babysitting for her. I was happy, when I was allowed to hold my cousin Tamara. This photo was taken in Tallinn in 1945.

Hermann Marjenburger

This is the only photo of my father that we have. We left all photos at home, when we evacuated. Mama put only few pictures in her bag. This happens to be one of them. My father Hermann Marjenburger was photographed shortly before he married my mother. He gave this photo to my mother and she kept it her whole life. This photo was taken in Viljandi in 1933.

Ronny Sheyn-Kuznetsova and her aunt Maria Sorokina

That’s me with my aunt Maria Sorokina, my mother's younger sister. Aunt Masha is still alive, she turned 105 recently. I often visit her. The photo was taken in her place in Tallinn in 2006.

I am a retiree now. I have friends. Even if they don’t live close by, we still remain friends. I write to them once in a while. Sometimes they come to see me. We know things about each other and remember past events.


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