Edith Umova and her family

This is our family in this photo. From left to right: my mother Hasse Umova is holding me, and my father Hilel Umov is holding my older sister Lea. This photo was taken in Tallinn in 1941.

After they got married my parents rented the first floor in the house of my grandmother's brother Wigodski. I can't remember how many rooms there were. My father's cousin Stakh Wigodski lived on the second floor. He was a student of Tartu University and spent more time in Tartu than in Tallinn. We lived in this house until the start of the Great Patriotic War.

Hasse Nahumova and her family

This is my mother's family in this photo. From left to right, row 1: Grandfather Nohum Nahumov with my mother Hasse, Grandmother Eide Nahumova with my mother’s younger sister Lintzi, and my mother's older sister Sheve. Row 2: My mother's older brother Leo Nahumov and her older sister Juganna. This photo was taken in Viljandi in 1917.


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