Wedding in our village - Meeting of Roma and Jewish communities

Grade of Class: 

In this project students created the life of an imaginary village where Roma and Jewish live in perfect coexistence, and prepared a weddig for a mixed couple. Welcome cards, decoration and a dance coreography has been created, and during this process, students learned about the folktales of Roma and Jewish communities. To create a good athmosphere, participants played a lot of music together too. 

Teachers: Kovács Erzsébet, Budai Julianna, Hervoly Vanda


This project has been created in the framework of the Common Ground Educational Program. We thank for our supporters for making this project possible.

Civil society
Cooperation project
Lauder Javne Community School Budapest, Hungary
Dr. Ámdédkár Secondary School

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Dr. Ámdédkár Secondary School
Lauder Javne Community School Budapest, Hungary
Budakeszi út 48.
1125 Budapest

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