Tears are words that need to be written

Grade of Class: 
Secondary school students

"TEARS ARE WORDS THAT NEED TO BE WRITTEN" is a short film about the Jewish history of our town. It is prepared by students from the "Kole Nehtenin High School.  Through the life story of Isaac Sion we can feel the pain and the suffering of the Jews at that time.

 The end of the film is a universal message to the world leaders. Actually, it’s a call for tolerance for  all religions and cultures, an appeal for mercy, compassion and understanding for every human being. The message is: “Let us embrace our diversity and honor our interdependence as the only way to peace and justice in the country and in the world.

Our town's Jewish history
SOU \"kole Nehtenin\" - Shtip

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SOU \"kole Nehtenin\" - Shtip
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