Civil Society - UN Declaration of Human Rights

Grade of Class: 
8th Grade

Civil Society Project


“An existence worth of Human Dignity”

(Article 23 UN Declaration of Human Rights)


Tuning in –        

What is Civil Society – what do these words mean – discussion and brain storm

                Read “Every Human has Rights”

                Watch "Survival in Sarajevo" and discuss what these people did

Finding out -     

Go over UN Declaration of Human Rights with the class – read each article and discuss what it means and if they think it is happening – students are to track on the articles that they think are not happening and why/where

Sorting out -      

Students are to pick three articles that they said are not happening – preferably in the US and in Seattle more specifically and see if they can think of a NGO that is helping to meet this right if the government is not

Drawing Conclusions –

Discuss what rights are not met and how they are met – what does this tell us about the different groups responsible for a civil society – MLK, Mandela and Pirkei Avot quotes

 Students are asked to reflect on what “an existence worthy of Human Dignity” means to them

Going Further/Taking Action –

                In small groups -              

Select an organization that is providing a human need/right here in the Seattle area       

Research this organization and what they do/who they serve/how they are funded

Make a video or other multimedia presentation about the organization and its work

Border Jumping –

                Share our videos with other schools doing this project and watch their videos

Civil society
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