Virtual Jewish Cookbook Project 2016 - Falsche Fish / Gefilte Fish

Grade of Class: 
3rd Grade to 10th Grade

Falsche Fish / Gefilte Fish

Q:  How can you tell a gefilte fish from all the other fish in the sea? 
A:  It’s the one swimming around with the little carrot on its head.

Video making project for the CJN video competition - virtual cookbook theme. The video was made by the students of Dorothea Imre-Fecske from the I.E. Lichtigfeld School in Frankfurt, and the students of Cili Horváth from the Lauder Javne School in Budapest.

Cookbook Project
Cooperation project
Video competition 2015/16
I. E. Lichtigfeld-Schule
Lauder Javne Community School Budapest, Hungary

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Made by School

I. E. Lichtigfeld-Schule
Hebelstrasse 15-19
60318 Frankfurt am Main
Lauder Javne Community School Budapest, Hungary
Budakeszi út 48.
1125 Budapest

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