Renée Molho - A Bookstore in Six Chapters

Renee Saltiel i Solon Molho se engrandesieron en la mas grande komunidad sefardi del mundo; la de Salonika o Thessaloniki en la Gresya de oy. En akel tiempo 90,000 Judios bivian ayi ma kuando los Alemanes se yevaron a la populasion Judia a los kampos, ya no kedaron kaji mas dingunos. Solo unos kuantos tornaron. Esta es la istoria de dos Judios ke pudieron sovrebivir grasias a un diplomato Espanyol i unas kuantas famiyas Gregas muy korajozas.

Renée Saltiel and Solon Molho grew up in the greatest Sephardic Jewish community of them all, Salonica, or Thessaloniki, in today's Greece. Around 90,000 Jews lived there in its heyday, 50,000 lived there before the war. During the Second World War, the Germans rounded up and deported the city's Jews and almost none were left. Only a handful returned. This is the story of two Jews who did manage to survive, thanks to a Spanish diplomat and some very brave Christian families.

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Why Study History?

The goal of this lesson is to introduce students to the major reasons for studying History (any History course will be appropriate with this lesson). Having said that...
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Renee Molho –Α bookstore in six chapters


The Jewish community of Thessaloniki was one of the Jewish communities in Europe that were completely destroyed during the Holocaust (94% of its members were murdered in Auschwitz-Birkenau). After the...

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Getting to know and “adopting” my neighborhood

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A year-long project that includes several parts—making videos and a photograph tour of the local Jewish history in Thessaloniki, creating a Holocaust library for the school, creating an exhibition for...
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