Erzsébet Sándor

Sándor Erzsi

Erzsi Sandor started working as a journalist in 1994 and her first article was about the MNG-Holocaust exhibition. She worked 20 years at the Hungarian Radio (Magyar Rádió) where she produced many shows about Jewish topics, including Centropa stories. In 2013 she got fired even though she thought she will retire from this position, but it was not so. Afterwards Erzsi started working in PR whilst she also wrote books, one of her books from this time is „Anyavalya”. This story is about how her mom, aunt and herself tried to survive after the war. 1,5 years ago Erzsi joined the Partnership 2gether organization where she volunteers to run events for her peers who are second generation Holocaust survivors. At Centropa she will be coordinating the Café Centropa Budapest programs and plans program for our interviewees.

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