Choosing to be Jewish Family Education Program

During this session families will learn the stories of several individuals who survived the Holocaust and then stayed in Europe after the war. They saw the destruction of the societies in which they grew up and they lived through the harshest years of Communist rule and, ultimately, witnessed the fall of Communism as well. During all this time they lived their lives and raised their families and chose to retain their Jewish identities. For two hours, parents and their children will learn about these individuals and explore why they choose to be Jewish as they juxtapose aspects of their own Jewish identities with that of the individuals in the Centropa stories.

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Ernest Galpert -- Growing Up Religious

The story of a Hasidic childhood in one of the centers of Orthodox and Hasidic Judaism of Central Europe. Mukacevo (as it's called in Czech, or Munkacs in Hungarian) is a town that was in five countries between 1918 and 1991: the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, interwar Czechoslovakia, wartime Hungary, the Soviet Union and today, Ukraine. Mukacevo had a majority Jewish population (before it was wiped out during the Holocaust); its great rabbinical courts feuded constantly with each other.

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