Edward Serotta - Germany and Jews (Audio)

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Between 1988 and 1996, while working on other projects, Edward Serotta visited old age homes for German Jews in Jerusalem, and their social clubs in Tel Aviv. He sat on sofas in apartments near Belsize Square Synagogue in London, and on the patios of suburban homes in the San Fernando Valley. He also visited houses, schools, government buildings, former concentration camps, and Jewish community offices throughout Germany.

In 1995 in New York, Edward spent an afternoon in the soon-to-close offices of Aufbau, the German language newspaper founded by German Jews who fled the country in the 1930s (the publication, in a different guise, has been resurrected).

In this podcast, Edward reads We Lost Our Home; We Lost Our Childhood, the final chapter of the book he wrote as a result of these travels and experiences, Jews, Germany, Memory. This book is not about history; this book is about what history did to the people he photographed and interviewed.