The visit of Bela Benaroya in Israel

This is a photo of a visit of my sister Bela Benaroya, nee Behmoaras, in Israel. It was taken in 1968 in Israel. Bela, my sister from my mother's first marriage, lived in Istanbul. She married there. When she visited her relatives in Israel, she stayed in the house of my brother Jacques Aroyo in Tel Aviv. The photo might have also been taken in the Ma?abarot kibbutz, because she is with my brother Lazar Aroyo, who lived there. First from left to right is my brother Lazar, next to him is my sister Bela, Lazar's son - Gidon Aroyo, the wife of my brother Marco - Luna Aroyo and next to her is Lazar's wife Rosa Aroyo.

My sister from my mother's first marriage - Bela Benaroya married a well-off merchant in Istanbul and lived there for a long time. She has two sons and one daughter. Her first child died of an illness when it was 12-13 years old. Her other children - Raphael and Sarah settled in the USA and in the 1990s she moved to live with them in Chicago where she died.