Monument of the Holocaust in Sosyonki forest outside Rovno

I received this photo by mail in 1945 in the camp.

It is a temporary memorial to the Jews who were murdered in the Sosyonki forest near Rovno.

You can see two poles and an inscription in Hebrew indicating that victims of Holocaust from Rovno were buried here, including my parents and my sister, Bella, who were executed by the Nazis on this spot in Sosyonki, a forest outside Rovno. I do not remember who sent it to me.

In 1957 I received a "clean" passport without any restrictions. Now I could go wherever I wanted and live anywhere. I decided to return to Rovno although Shaya, my husband, could not go with me at that time.

In Rovno, I found some people who had escaped the catastrophe, and finally I learned the details of the fate of my family. My parents and my sister, Bella, had been executed with the other residents of the ghetto.

They were shot near Rovno in a forest called Sosyonki. I was given shelter and I stayed for a few days. I recovered my pre-war labour experience records and returned to Maklakovo in mourning for my parents and sister.