Libe Farbirovich


This is my mother Libe Farbirovich, nee Lebyan, at the age of 15. The picture was taken in 1912 in Roslavl, in a photo-studio, before her wedding. There is an inscription of this studio on the picture in French: 'Visit Portrait.' She gave this picture to her aunt and uncle, Dora and Matvey Gendlin. There was a dedicatory inscription on the back of the picture, but unfortunately it is almost illegible, only mother's 'flying' handwriting can be seen. She is dressed up here; she is wearing a hat, under which she hid her long wonderful hair.

My mother, Libe Simonovna Farbirovich, was the eldest child in her family. She was born in 1897 in Sukhinichi. She must have had some education, because she could read and write in Russian, it was her mother tongue; though she didn’t have any special education. Maybe she studied at home, with a private tutor. Mother was a very beautiful woman with wonderful long hair. She wasn’t religious at all; she didn’t attend the synagogue and didn’t teach us to do so. 

In 1912 my father married my mother. He returned from the army and their mutual friends introduced him to her. They had their wedding at the synagogue. Father wasn’t very religious, though he prayed sometimes and attended the synagogue. I even keep his prayer book. Father was a very kind and quiet man. 

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Libe Farbirovich

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