Hedvig Endrei with her parents and sister-in-law

You can see my parents, Albert and Roza Weisz, in this picture, and my brother's first wife, Ilona Deutsch, and me. Ilona Deutsch is sitting next to my mother. I am standing behind my parents. The picture was taken in 1942, in Erzsi Telcs's studio. My brother was on forced labor, that's why he's missing. Though my mom didn't like either her son-in-law, or her daughter-in-law, she kept waiting for them to come home. If she got some dress material, she didn't have it made, but put it away for Ili, my brother's first wife. My brother had three wives. There was a woman who was one year older than him, Ilona Deutsch, she was his first wife. My brother lived on 32 Nador Street. There were only bachelor apartments on the fourth floor at that time. In the room there was a wardrobe, the door of which could be opened downwards, and the cooker and the drawer for the tableware was there. When he first got married they lived there. His wife was deported and she never returned. She died somewhere in Italy, we don't know anything about her. She was deported from the Obuda brick factory in 1944, where I was, too, because they took everyone to the KISOK estate, then to the brick factory, and they deported everyone from there. Karoly wasn't deported, he was a forced laborer. At the time of liberation he must have been in Gyor or in the surroundings of Gyor. They opened a butcher's shop there, because there were peasants around Gyor, who killed pigs and couldn't bring them to Pest, because there wasn't any means of transportation, so they processed them there. They sold ham, sausage and things like that. When there was transportation he came home, and he brought meat for my parents. Perhaps someone continued to run the shop, but my brother came home to Pest whenever he could.