Ednah Michalowitz, Yael Beer and Hanan Bar

Ednah Michalowitz, Yael Beer and Hanan Bar

This photo was taken in 1965 in Beit Lehem Hagalilith. It's of our three children, from right to left: our son Hanan, and our daughters Yael and Ednah.

In February 1953, Ednah was born in Beit Lehem Hagalilith. My mother came to help me, and then my sister Karmela, who at that time was serving in the army and had a couple of days off. When Ednah was three months old, we moved from our temporary dwelling. We were assigned a field on which stood a wooden shack. For the first few months we didn't have electricity; Ednah was already standing, the first time we turned on a light bulb, and said "or" meaning light in Hebrew. Sometimes we didn't have water, there was no paved road or sidewalk, and during the winter there was deep mud everywhere.

Hanan was born in December 1954. Both children were good, and got along well - everyone held them up as an example, and even though conditions were very hard, it was a joy and comfort to have children and care for them. Our little girl Yael was born in 1962.

Time passed, and the children grew; Ednah and Hanan were going to high school in Tivon, at the age of five Yael already knew how to read ! Ednah sat down with her a couple of times, and she was already reading!

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