Albert Gershon with family and friends

This picture shows one of the family gatherings that we had on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays on Bunardjika hill in Plovdiv. We lived opposite Bunardjika hill then and my parents loved to get together with other families. My uncle Shimon Haim Gershon, his wife Sarina and their oldest child are on the right, I am between them, next to me are my brother Haim Albert Gershon, my mother, Sarina Avram Gershon, one of our neighbors, who was a tobacco expert, his wife, my father, Albert Haim Gershon, and some other people. Very often - usually on Saturdays - we went to the Casino on Bunardjika hill. We lived nearby and we used to sit together with other families and listen to the music. The singer and dancer Djip was very popular then. We, the children, received some money on Saturdays and we used to buy some food for ourselves - fried livers, grilled rissoles, baked maize. We also went to the confectioner's shop. Plovdiv was a horn of plenty!