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Return to Rivne: Stations Lesson

Using Return to Rivne as the centerpiece, this lesson uses stations for students to explore the geography, pre-war life, Roma people, the family that hid Shelly and Raya, the toys...

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Return to Rivne

In this lesson, students will be able to analyze a documentary about two young cousins who survived the Holocaust in order to extend our understanding of what we can learn...

Lesson plan to "Teofila Silberring: So that Memory doesn't die"


Subject : “We know ourselves only to the extent we have been tested”   (W.Szymborska).

Human attitudes towards different life situations.

Creating a Student Museum

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As of 2013, for three years students at the Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy in Philadelphia have created, curated and been docents for museums they have made using Centropa...


Surviving Stalin's Gulag - Interactive Film Script


The interactive film scripts combine the scripts of the Centropa Films with the links metioned in the Study Guides, thus marking various historical, cultural and geographical references.

You can use...

Working with Centropa's Photos


The Centropa Exhibition Jewish Witnesses to the Polish Century was at our school for 9 days (5 – 14 November 2012) At that time 14 classes, which means over 400...

Teofila Silberring Walking Tour

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Except for those years during the Holocaust, Teofila never lived anywhere else but Cracow, and in her interview, she takes us on a tour of the city-to all the places...

ESL Lesson on Silberring film


This lesson uses Centropa's film "So that memory doesn't die" about the life of Krakow-born Teofila Silberring, who survived the Jewish ghetto of Krakow, and Auschwitz, with the help of...