CJN Seminar in Warsaw, Poland

We are pleased to invite all teachers of European Jewish Schools and Israel to join us for our 3-day seminar in Warsaw, Poland between 6-8 November, 2022. During the seminar, 30 educators from up to 15 countries will come together to get to know Centropa materials, work together on how to bring 20th century Jewish history and personal stories into your classrooms and form partnerships for the future.

Program highlights

  • Learn about Centropa’s database of Jewish family stories, photographs, short films, podcasts and resource pack we have developed in cooperation with the National Library of Israel (NLI)
  • Share best practices of innovative, technology based pedagogies
  • Discover the Jewish history of Warsaw as well as today’s community
  • Meet Jewish educators and develop lesson plans and cross-cultural projects together
  • Become the member of a unique community of Jewish educators


Participants are asked to cover their travel expenses and pay a 50€ registration fee. All the other costs of the seminar will be covered by Centropa. Those who cannot cover these expenses may apply for funds.

Application deadline

September 30, 2022


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Eszter Rózsa, rozsa [at] centropa.org

Before you apply

This seminar is for Jewish school teachers in Europe and Israel.

Please only apply if you actually teach in a Jewish school.

Application to CJN Seminar in Warsaw, Poland

Sun, Nov 6 2022 - Tue, Nov 8 2022

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Event date: 2022-11-06 - 2022-11-08
Travel reimbursement

Centropa is a small NGO and we have limited budget for our seminars, so we ask you to cover your travel expenses. However, if you or your school cannot afford this, we might be able to help you out - we have some limited funds available - but this will only go to those who are eligible.

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