10th CJN Seminar in Berlin

CJN seminar in Frankfurt (2014)

Join us for a 3-day professional development seminar in Berlin, Germany between March 20-22, 2022 for Jewish educators in Europe and Israel. During the seminar, 30 educators from up to 15 countries will come together to gain new resources and tools, discuss common challenges and ideas about Jewish education, and form partnerships for the future.

What is Centropa? Centropa, a Jewish historical institute based in Vienna, interviewed 1,200 elderly Jews living in 15 European countries. We didn’t use video or focus on the Holocaust, but asked our respondents to tell us their entire life stories spanning the 20th c. as they showed us their old family photographs.

What is the Centropa Jewish Network (CJN)? CJN is a platform for teachers in European, Israeli, and US Jewish schools to network, share ideas, and create projects together. We do this by organizing seminars, student competitions, and international projects for Jewish schools.

Program highlights include:

  • learning about Centropa’s database of Jewish family photographs, interviews and short films;
  • sharing best practices of innovative, technology based pedagogies;
  • discovering the Jewish history of Berlin as well as today’s community;
  • developing lesson plans and cross-cultural projects with colleagues from different countries;
  • becoming a member of a unique community of European Jewish educators.


Participants are asked to cover their travel expenses and pay a 50€ registration fee. All the other costs of the seminar will be covered by Centropa. Those who cannot cover these expenses may apply for funds.


Application deadline:  February 11, 2022.

Questions? Contact Tina Hemera, CJN coordinator at hemera(at)centropa.org.

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