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Historical Background

The same week that Columbus sailed west in 1492, the last Jews of Spain were being expelled. Even though they had lived there for a thousand years, religious intolerance threw...
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About Centropa's Films

Between 2000 and 2009, Centropa conducted 1,200 interviews in 15 European countries. We never used video in those interviews; we did not focus solely on the Holocaust. Instead, we digitized 22,000 family pictures and we asked each of our respondents to tell us stories about those pictures.

We then took the most compelling stories and began turning them into short films. All the words you’ll hear in these films were taken directly from our interviews and we used some of the best actors in each country to narrate the stories.

We have also produced a series of short documentaries that explain the complexities of Central Europe, such as: how did Hungarian Jews fit into society, how did Bulgarian Jews escape deportation during the Second World War, and how did Europe’s maps change over the last 200 years. We add at least two films each year, and if you have any comments on our films, please send a note to office [at] centropa.org.