Rosa Rosenstein -- Living with History

The story of a Berlin-born Jewish woman who lived through the turbulent times of Imperial Germany, the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich, all while growing up, falling in love and starting a family. With charming snapshots of holidays, kindergartens and Purim parties, Rosa shows us how integrated, assimilated Jewish families lived in Germany then.

In 1939, a few weeks after the war had started, her Hungarian husband Michi insisted on fleeing to Budapest, where he felt they would be safe. They weren't. Both Michi and Rosa were arrested and put in a camp, and Michi perished in a forced labor brigade. Rosa survived by hiding in Budapest -- but not until she sent her two daughters off to Palestine and saw them safe.

After the war, Rosa married a Viennese Jewish man, Alfred Rosenstein, and started another family in Vienna. Her son Georg moved to Israel, where he began a family of his own and lived for a long time before finally moving back to Austria. Rosa Rosenstein lived until she was ninety-eight years old, and died in 2005.

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Rosa Rosenstein was born in Berlin in 1907 before World War I. On June 28, 1914, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, was assassinated in Sarajevo, sparking World War I. (See the film footage of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's July 1914 funeral.)

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Rosa Rosenstein - Leben mit Geschichte - Interaktives Filmskript


Homeland Project

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This project will introduce you to editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, while letting you explore a social/historical issue. This issue affected many Jews in the 20th Century and is...


Rosa Rosenstein's Berlin

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Eine am Moses Mendelssohn Gymnasium Berlin (ehemals JOS Berlin) entwickelt und getestete Unterrichtseinheit.


Der Film ”Rosa Rosenstein“ im Geschichtsunterricht einer 10. Klasse


Dieser Unterrichtsplan beinhaltet die Produktion eines Audio-Features mit dem Titel ”Rosa Rosenstein und ihre Generation in Berlin“. Im Mittelpunktsteht dabei die inhaltliche Füllung einiger Leerstellen des Films, die - durch...


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Feladatbank, Óraterv
German language, History, Sociology

Az óraterv  bemutatja a közép-európai zsidóság 20. századi sorsát, a Shoát. Az órák legfontosabb célja a létező előítéletek okainak feltárása, megbeszélése és oldása, akár egy tanórai vita keretében is. Ennek...

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Rosa Rosenstein: Exploring My Past: An Autobiographical Project


Border Jumping project Jewish School Berlin


Centropa Biography Film/Stolpersteine Assignment

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In this project, students work in pairs to read Centropa biographies, create a 5 minute video about the interviewee, and design a Stolpersteine (commemorative stone) for them.
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A tananyag témája: milyen forrásokat lehet felhasználni a múlt megismeréséhez, milyen anyagok (dokumentumok, visszaemlékezések, tárgyak, képek, filmek) használhatóak fel a történelem tanulása és tanítása során. A tanóra terve felhasználható a...

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