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This story is set in the Transylvanian city of Targu Mures, or Marosvasarhely in Hungarian.
During the Second World War, northern Transylvania was occupied by the Hungarian fascists, who deported 150,000 Jews to Auschwitz in 1944. Juci Scheiner, who hailed from a well-to-do family, was one of them. She and her brother Andras survived and returned home, where Juci re-opened her beauty parlor. She won a motorcycle in the lottery and, during a motorcyclists' ball, met and fell in love with her future husband, Jeno Schoenbrunn. Jeno himself had only recently returned from Soviet labor camps.

Juci's time in concentration camps saw to it she could have no children of her own. Jeno died after an extended illness. After a long time, Juci married another Holocaust survivor, Aladar Scheiner, president of their small Jewish community. Juci also lost Aladar. Well into her nineties she stayed involved with her smaller and aging Jewish community. This film ends with a tribute to the Joint Distribution Committee, which, among other things, helps care for elderly Holocaust survivors.

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Juci comes from the city Targu Mures, located in north-central Romania in the historical region of Tran


The existence of Jewish life in Transylvania can be traced back centuries. The earliest record indicates Jewish presence during Roman times.


As Juci explainds, only 800 of the prewar Jewish population Targu Mures returned after the war.

With right-wing military officer Ion Antonescu’s ascension to power in 1940, Romania formally joined the Axis alliance. Antonescu initiated violent measures against Jews in Romania and in the areas re-annexed from the Soviet Union known as Transnistria. Romanian authorities established their own ghettos and two concentration camps in Transnistria. Antonescu was overthrown in 1944.


Following WWII, Romania was occupied by the Soviets and after elections in 1946, communism was established as the dominant political force. In 1947, the People’s Republic of Romania was established.

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