Jack Bauer's 24 visits the Centropa Summer Academy 2015

For the ninth summer in a row, Centropa brought teachers, social studies administrators, education ministry officials and museum educators together—all to share best practices on how to teach Holocaust, history, new media, social studies, geography, civics and human rights.
We spent eight intensive days in Krakow, Auschwitz-Birkenau and Warsaw where we met with Holocaust historians as well as civil society activists who brought down Communism in Poland and East Germany in 1989, and in Ukraine in 2014. 
This light-hearted video was made by one of our working groups of teachers and we hope you enjoy it.

"24 concept, 24 logo, Jack Bauer and 24 theme copyright 20th century fox, all other music from audioblocks.com, all footage and photography self-made at CSA15."

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