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Survival in Sarajevo - Helpful Advice on how to realise Centropa's exhibition in you area

Michael Heitz from the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule in Sinsheim, Germany brought the Centropa exhibition "Survival in Sarajevo" to his school and together with other schools, organisations, and NGO's he organised various activities and events around the exhibition. This presentation will give you helpful advice on how to bring Centropa's exhibition to your school and organise events and activities around the exhibition that go beyond your school audience.
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"Survival in Sarajevo": Exhibition opening in Lassnitzhöhe

Our brand-new German-English language traveling exhibition "Survival in Sarajevo: Jews, Muslims and Christians Working Together During the Bosnian War, 1992-1995" is already on its second stop.  On June 4 at Neue Mittelschule Lassnitzhöhe near Graz, Centropa's EU Education Director Fabian Rühle and Ulrike Lackner, teacher of History and Arts, and participant of the Summer Academy 2011 in Sarajevo, gave keynote addresses to 30 visitors from all over Styria. The exhibition is on display till June 14.

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