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Then and Now

Students bring in a family photograph they like. This can be from a vacation, a holiday celebration, a family life cycle event, any photograph that includes the student. In class, students look through the Centropa database to find a photograph that looks similar to the one they brought in – people might be posed similarly to the people in their picture, or doing the same thing, etc. Then they read about that photograph, as well as the Centropa interview to find out about the life of that survivor.

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I Was There - A Journey into a child's past

In this project, students in groups of 3-4 will read a memoir, diary or biography about a European child whose life was turned to chaos during the Shoah, 1933 to 1945. To start the project, each group will receive a photograph of a contemporary railway station in Europe near where the child’s story takes place and they will begin their Geographical Treasure hunt by finding out where that railway station is today.

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