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Holocaust and Human Rights

The subject: "Learning about the Holocaust and Human Rights" was selected as part of a school activity program and particularly as  part of the lesson, "The Joy of Reading", it was approached interdisciplinary and disseminated in all subjects. The basic purpose is to talk, discuss and learn about the holocaust and human rights and how they should be considered inviolable and respected by all the people.



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Three Promises: Personal Stories as Historical Material

This lesson plan uses group work, creative writing, and multimedia to teach subjects including History, Literature, Civics, Social and Political Education, Philosophy, Language etc. It is also useful in discussions about multiculturalism, war and peace, the Second World War, crimes against humanity, genocide and holocausts (e.g. the Jewish Holocaust), modern European history, moral and ethical issues, struggle for survival, etc.

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Survival in Sarajevo —— La Benevolencija

Course lesson taught in: when filling in for absent colleagues  (happening with high frequency —after all it’s Italy

This lesson plan can be adapted to nearly every context and every age group because of the unique and strong message of the video “Survival in Sarajevo”. 

Summary of goals: to broaden the perception of my students about: 

·      PEACE - what is the significance of it

Bild des Benutzers Centropa

Guler Orgun - Interactive Film Script

The interactive film scripts combine the scripts of the Centropa Films with the links metioned in the Study Guides, thus marking various historical, cultural and geographical references.

You can use the film scripts in your class in order to understand the fulm better and help students to dig deeper in the (personal) stories by exploring history.

The film scripts are available in English and German and can be downloaded as PDF documents.

Bild des Benutzers Centropa

A place to call home

Using nine Centropa films and one feature length documentary about the Jewish sports club of Vienna, as well as conducting personal interviews, students will examine factors affecting immigration in their own families, in addition to the diverse and complex factors affecting immigration and emigration patterns in 20th century Jewish history. 

This lesson explores the interplay between personal identity, physical location and the flow of Jewish history.

Number/length of Units: 6 weeks with 6 one-hour sessions.

RSS - Centropa films abonnieren
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