Rozalia Unger's cousin's wedding picture

Rozalia Unger's cousin's wedding picture
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    United Kingdom
This is the wedding of one of my mother's (Malka Achtman, nee Szapiro) cousins. This photo was probably taken in London. My mother had two brothers. Their last name was Szapiro, but I don't remember their first names. One lived in Zawiercie, and one in London. My uncle who lived in England had immigrated there a long, long time before the war, to work, most likely; he was a cap maker. He sent us English pounds to provide for the family. He was very religious, reportedly had eight children in London. I've never met them. I don't even know whether his wife was Jewish. I suppose so, because it's typical for Jews to marry only Jews.

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Interviewte(r): Rozalia Unger
Szczecin, Polen


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United Kingdom
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cap maker
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cap maker

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