Lieba-Jecheta and Hersz Horowitz

Lieba-Jecheta and Hersz Horowitz
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    Germany, 1870-1945
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This is a postcard sent to my dad by his parents from Eisenach, Germany. You can see pictures of them both on it. From my father's side, my grandparents were called Horowitz. Grandfather was called Hersz, and my grandmother was Lieba-Jecheta, nee Gronner. Their daughter, Regina, my father's sister, who never married, lived with them. When we visited the grandparents, Grandmother, who was already very old, sat by the window in a kind of elevated armchair, in a jabot, always dressed the same way. She just stroked you on the head, looking at you, and said very little. Grandfather, in turn, walked from one kid to another, talked, asked about everything. Grandmother ran the house, women didn't have jobs those days. That was 100 years ago, early 19th century. The Horowitzes were probably religious, but I don't know because we never had much to do with it.

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Interviewte(r): Alfred Borowicz
Warsaw, Poland


Hersz Horowitz
before WW II

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Lieba-Jecheta Horowitz
before WW II
Vor dem 2. Weltkrieg:

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