The grandparents of Laci

The grandparents of Laci
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    Slaton, Pittsburgh
These are the grandparents of my daughter's husband, Laci. I don?t know anything about them. I only know that they lived in Slovakia and that they had a son and my son-in-law was born there too. It was near to Kosice. I know that because my son-in-law went to school in Kosice and all his grandparents lived there. Even now, one of his aunties or some relative still lives there. My son-in-low's parents declared themselves Hungarian and came over to Hungary after the Second World War, and they got a house in Vertesacsa. When my daughter married him, his parents still lived in Vertesacsa. He still lived in a dormitory somewhere, because they were both students. They are not Jewish. Originally, I think they were peasants, but the father worked in the Hangya cooperative farm. The mother didn't work there, but they had a cow and they took butter to market in Kosice, that's what my son-in-law used to tell me. They did farm work here. I think it was some sort of farming cooperative. But I very rarely got together with the relatives. Only if they came. I didn't even have time, I had to study and work, I had to keep the household, and I was left here, with the house in Matyasfold, and there was a lot to do in the garden too. I only grew flowers, and there was a lawn, but when my son-in-law married my daughter, he made a little kitchen garden. He works in it even now; he is already 74, but he still works in it. He produces vegetables: tomatoes, corn, sorrel- things like that. It's a small kitchen garden. In fact, that would be my home if my daughter were alive. I had been living there in that house, since 1929.

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Interviewte(r): Piroska Hamos
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Eszter Andor, Dora Sardi
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Budapest, Hungary

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