The Goldberg family's house

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This is photo of a room in my maternal grandparents, the Goldbergs’ house. Guests used to rest in this lounge. The photo was taken in Nerchinsk in the 1910s.

My grandparents’ family was well to do.My grandfather Isay Goldberg and his four brothers, Abram, Pinkhas, David and Levi, owned a manufactured goods shop with stationery, food stuffs, and household goods, and traded both whole sale and retail.

I remember one occasion my mother told me about. A shop-assistant started to wrap a piece of material around himself and at the moment grandfather Isay came in, and of course that shop-assistant was fired right then.

Each of the Goldberg brothers had their own house and servants. My grandfather used to hire a coachman, a cook and a housemaid, and he had some horses and a cow.

Footwear and clothes were ordered in other cities and even abroad. The Goldberg brothers and their children often traveled abroad, to China, Japan and Poland.

Of grandfather's brothers I only know that David was a supplier and died in the 1930s and that Pinkhas' son Iosif now lives in St.Petersburg in the Urals.

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Inna Gimila
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Saint Petersburg, Russia


Levi Goldberg
before WW II

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