Ferenc Sandor's grandfather Ferenc Rosenthal's pupils

Ferenc Sandor's grandfather Ferenc Rosenthal's pupils
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These are some of my grandfather´s pupils from Sopron. They sent this card to him. Grandfather was an orphan. He took an unusual career path to become a schoolteacher. One year he would work regularly as a private tutor in the service of a particular family. Then the following year he would study at college. He was twenty-four when he got his degree. The general nickname for teachers in those days was ?light" or ?lamp.? People called my grandfather was that. He told my grandmother that he once met an upper class Jew who remarked: ?I wear velvet and you wear rags, yet you are the one called ?the lamp!??

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Interviewte(r): Ferenc Sandor
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Dora Sardi, Eszter Andor
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Budapest, Hungary

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