Ihil Shraibman and his first wife Olga Kalyusskaya

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This is me with my first wife, Olga Kalyusskaya. This photo was taken in Bucharest in 1934. We were photographed by the door of a mansion that Olga liked very much.

When I turned 19, I was conscripted to the army. When my army service was over, I moved to Bucharest from Iasi. I stayed a while in a dormitory. Its director was my acquaintance from Rashkov. Then I went to work as a prompter at the Jewish theater. I started writing.I married Olga Kalyusskaya, who came from Vadul-Rashkov, in my second year in Bucharest. She was a midwife. We met at one of my friends’ place. I don’t think she was interested in me, when we had seen each other before living in Bucharest: she was a damsel and I was still a pup. Olga was eight years older than me. She was born to the family of Yefim Kalyusski, a farmer. Olga’s father had died and I could hardly remember him. Olga left Rashkov after finishing school and finished a midwives’ course in Bucharest, I think. She was an extraordinarily kind person and people liked her. She had many friends. Actually, we didn’t register our relations, but started living together. Later, when the Cuzists came to power we registered our marriage in the town registry. I continued working at the theater and writing. I had my stories published in newspapers in Warsaw and America. My first book of short stories and essays, ‘Meine Heftn’ [My notebooks], was published in Bucharest in 1939. 

Later in 1940 Olga and I moved to Kishinev and rented an apartment.

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Nathalia Fomina
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Kishinev, Moldova


Ihil Shraibman
Russia pre 1917
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