2016-11-03 09:25:41

Tonight at 18:00 in Budapest, at the 2B Galeria ...

"We cannot put the clock back. We cannot walk into Emil Keglovits’ photo studio in Szeged in 1912 where Zsigmond Braun and Aranka Buchhalter are posing for their wedding picture. We cannot follow a wealthy family on their holiday to Opatija in 1916. Just as we cannot listen to Simon Goldgruber’s stories from the First World War in his butcher’s shop in Pálfa (Tolna county). We cannot be guests at Henrik Klein and Rózsa Wagschal’s wedding which took place in 1910 in Máramarossziget (Sighetu Marmatieie in today’s Romania) , a real traditional Jewish wedding, just as we cannot ask Paula Feith to tell us about her work as a nurse at a military hospital under the First World War .

We can however ask old Jewish people to tell us their stories. To share with us their family photos and their memories about the people and places in the photos. With the help of life stories and family photos, this exhibition by Centropa presents a personal interpretation of the period of the First World War."

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