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This is my husband Henryk Krych. The photo was taken in the mid-1950s. I don’t know who took this photo. 


At the end of 1945 I was moved to a different job. It was also a job for the Central Committee office. It was the so-called General Department of the Central Committee – administration and so forth. It lasted for quite a long time. I worked there until the 1960s. 


After some time I met my husband. His name was Henryk Krych, he was Polish. He also worked for the KC. He worked in the personnel department. He was born in 1914. He was sent to work in Germany during the war. He worked for a ‘Bauer’ [German: farmer] near Gorzow. 


I don’t remember the date when we got married. We formalized our relationship in 1947, but we had been living together earlier. After a short time, in 1947, we moved to the apartment at 26 Pulawska Street, because that was the house for party officials. It’s a beautiful building built before the war.


Our son was born in 1948. He was called Michal, like my younger brother who died in the Warsaw Uprising. Our daughter was born in 1951. Her name is Malgorzata. But it wasn’t a good marriage. We lived together for over ten years, but things weren’t working out. This marriage was one big mistake. My husband didn’t get along with my son at all. We had to split up. We got a formal divorce in 1964. 


I raised the kids by myself. Later we kept in touch, yes, he used to come… but we weren’t close any more. He belonged to the Party almost until he died. A few years before PZPR was dissolved, he got sick and retired. He’s dead now. 

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Agata Gajewska
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Warsaw, Poland


Henryk Krysch
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Communist activist,

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