Article about Iacob Haller by Dorin Baciu

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This is an article about my husband, Iacob Haller, written by Dorin Baciu, probably published in the local newspaper in Botosani.


This article was written shortly after my husband's death, Iacob Haller, as a homage to my husband as a high school teacher in Dorohoi and Botosani and, furthermore, as a "very active spreader of down-to-earth culture and science" - he was head of the "Nicolae Iorga" People's University of Botosani for many years. After his death, the People's University more or less existed "only on paper," a fact underlined by Dorin Baciu who urged people not to let this cultural institution die.


My husband´s name was Iacob Haller, he was from Siret. He was 1 year older than me, he was born in 1914. He graduated the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Cernauti. At the time when I met my husband, his parents weren't alive anymore. They were 2 siblings: his sister and him. His sister's name was Rebeca. She lived with my mother after I got married. And she left to Israel afterwards. She didn't marry. 


My husband was recommended to me by David Kesler, my cousin in Dorohoi. My husband was a teacher in Dorohoi, and my cousin knew him well. We got married in 1946. My husband obtained a transfer from the high school in Dorohoi to the "A. T. Laurian" High School in Botosani, and it wasn't long before he became principal of the "A. T. Laurian" High School. He was principal for a few years. He wasn't a party member - nor was I. He taught biology. He was known to be a good teacher. He was on the board of examiners for the baccalaureate examination, he was a highly esteemed teacher. He worked at the "A. T. Laurian" High School until his retirement. He retired around 1972-1973. And he departed [died] in 1996 and that's that.

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Interviewte(r): Marim Haller
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Emoke Major
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Botosani, Rumänien


Iacob Haller
Austria-Hungary pre 1918
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