Ladino, language of the Sephardic Jews


Grade of class: middle and junior high
Course lesson taught in: transversal during Spanish language and English language lessons
Category of lesson: Jewish Identity/preparation for family root project

Summary of goals: Awaken curiosity for their family roots; broaden their perception of themselves and their cultural heritage; “tearing down” of the virtual walls of their “virtual Ghetto” -> see explanation at the bottom about Roman Jewish comunity in order to understand what is intended.

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El Otro Camino: 1492

The same week that Columbus sailed west in 1492, the last Jews of Spain were being expelled. Even though they had lived there for a thousand years, religious intolerance threw them out. Where did they go? Who took them in? The answer will surprise you: while most found refuge in Portugal (briefly), Antwerp and in Amsterdam, and then in the western hemisphere, most of these Spanish Jews, or the Sephardim, settled in lands ruled by the Ottoman sultans. Around 180,000 lived in the Balkans, and they lived alongside their Christian and Muslim neighbors.

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