Gyorgyike Hasko in national costume from Romhany

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The picture was taken on a holiday in Romhany. Both my mother, who is standing behind me in a white blouse, and I are wearing national costumes from Romhany.

When we were older we spent the summer in Romhany. Our maid was from Romhany, and my mother sent her with us to Romhany. Her father didn't live, but her mother did, and they had a house on the main street of Romhany. It was a farmhouse with big trashing-floor and stacks. They were farmers; she had several siblings, so it was a nice big family. We didn't go barefoot, our sole didn't endure it, but we wore sandals, though everyone else in the village went barefoot, except when they went to church on Sundays. But after a while we could also go barefoot on the stubble. It was strictly forbidden to play in the stacks, because it was dangerous, but we still ran up and down between the stacks. Our maid wore many skirts, everyone in the village wore skirts, they had a very nice national dress. On Sundays the girls, who had braids with a long ribbon at the end, walked along the street arm-in-arm, singing, and the boys walked behind them in boots and black trousers. When my mother was also there she wore national costume from there, and we did, too. I had a national costume Romhany, I also had an aigrette, and when I was a little girl at the end of the school year, on the 15th March we wore national costumes. We spent three or four summers in Romhany, but then the maid got married and we didn't go anymore. The maids always got married after working for us.

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Interviewte(r): Gyorgyike Hasko
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Judit Rez
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February - April
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Budapest, Hungary


Gyorgyike Hasko
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Chemistry technician
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