Haia Sura Grunberg’s teachers from the Jewish school in Iasi

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    M. Margulius

These two ladies were my mother Haia Sura Grunberg’s teachers, when she was a student at the Jewish High School in Iasi. The one on the right is Mr:s Brandmark, whose husband was a doctor, and the other one is Mr:s Rusu. Mrs. Rusu was a Jew as well, her former name was Feinsilber, but I don’t know why she changed her name. She was already married to a doctor as well, but still they changed their name. I know my mother was very fond of her teachers, but I don’t know more about them or the school they taught at.

My mother was born in 1888 in Iasi, and her mother tongue was Yiddish. She studied at a boarding school for young ladies in Iasi, which belonged to two old German spinsters, so she knew German very well. After that, mother took some classes at the Jewish high school in Iasi.

My mother worked as well, but before she married: she taught German and manual training classes at the Jewish school in Iasi; my mother was known in Jewish circles because of her father and grandfather, who were very religious.

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Andreea Laptes
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Brasov, Romania


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