Motek Biber with his wife Helena

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This is a picture of my uncle, Motek Biber with his wife, Helena.

It is a studio portrait and it was taken probably in the 1930s in Lodz. It survived the war due to a fortunate incident: before the war, my mother had mailed it to her sister, Ruth, who lived in the USA.

My mother’s brother Motek was crippled. As far as I know, when he was just a baby, less than a year old, he fell, during a bath I think, and so one of his legs was shorter than the other.

I don’t know exactly what the problem was, but in any case he was crippled and it was very visible.

Motek got married at the beginning of the 1930s. His wife’s name was Helena, and their daughter was called Anulka.

Helena was a seamstress, she adjusted dresses for people, and he was a caretaker. They lived in a basement room opposite the park in the area close to the university.

My mother's brother, Motek, was killed during the war. Along with his wife Hela, and their daughter, Anulka. They were taken out of the Lodz ghetto.

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Joanna Fikus
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Warsaw, Poland


Motek Biber
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General Governorship
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