Fabian Meer, Sorin Meer and Simon Meer

Here on this photo I am standing to the left, in the middle my younger son Sorin and to the right my older son Fabian.

The picture was taken in Dorohoi, but I can’t recognize the place anymore.

It was probably on a Saturday or Sunday, were we would go out for a walk and a good friend of mine took this photo of us.

We had friends who were taking pictures of us so instantly either in the park, at a bargain, balls and different meetings.
They were giving us the pictures free of charge.

Ietti Meer, Sumer Ciubotaru and Simon Meer

In this photo I am on the right side, in the middle is my wife Ietti and to the left is the brother of my wife, Ciubotaru Sumer.

The photo was taken on the 15th of September, 1947 in Dorohoi at the Taslich ceremony.

I don’t remember who took the photo, probably an amateur who was also participating at the Taslich ceremony. I was a close friend with Sumer, my wife’s brother.

We all went together for the Taslich ceremony, where we took this photo.


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