Blum Zoltan with his comrades during his military service

I am together with my comrades when I was serving as a soldier between 1949 and 1951.

I am the fourth from left. As far as I remember the first from left is sergent Darlea.

The second one was from Bocsa, Arad county. I cannot remind who is the third person from left and I cannot remind the fith either.

The sixth and the eighth person were from Curtici, Arad county also. And the last one is from Dej, Cluj county.

I joined the military service and it lasted 2 years, from 1949 till 1951.

The Blum family in the yard of their house

This photo was taken in our yard of the house where I was born in Fizesul Gherlei. It is me Zoltan Blum, my wife Rozalia, and my daughter.

In the center of the photo is Berta our only daughter. At the time when the picture was taken she was 2 years and 6 months old.

Here's how I met my wife. I had come back from the army to Fizesul Gherlei, but there were no Jewish girls in the village anymore. As you can imagine, back then, it was considered a shame for a Jew to marry someone who wasn't Jewish.

Zoltan Blum as a soldier

This is a photo with me which was taken during my military service, in 1950. I joined the military service and it lasted 2 years, from 1949 till 1951.

During the entire duration of the communist era, all those who didn't want to go to the army were sent to work - a rule that applied to everyone, Jewish or non-Jewish. [Editor's note: In the communist period, people who refused to do the military service had to do community work instead.]

Zoltan Blum and Iosif Farkas at the Monument of the Victims of Holocaust

In this photo I am together with Mr. Iosif Farkas at the Monument of the Victims of Holocaust in Dej, Cluj county.

Mr. Farkas is the president of the Jewish Community from Dej. The photo was taken on the 12th Octomber 2004, on the Holocaust Memorial Day in Romania.

The monument is across the street where the synagogue is settled. It represents the people like we were during the deportation: old man with children with luggages on their back. It is very interesting.

The Blum couple with their daughter Berta and Rudolf Feierstein

This photo was taken in 1973 in the back of our house from Gherla. I am the first from left and my wife, Rozalia is the first form right.

I and my wife are together with Rudolf Feierstein the second from right, and the my daughter Berta, the second from left.

Sigismund Feierstein is one from the eight Jewish families from Fizesul Gherlei, the village where I was born:

Zoltan Blum with his wife Rozalia and a neighbour

In this photo I am together with my wife Rozalia, the first from right and an ex-neighbour, in the center of the photo but I cannot remeber her name anymore.

I still remember that she was born in Cluj Napoca, Cluj county but she was living for a while in Gherla, close to our house. She is now living in U.S.A. The picture was taken when she came back for a visit in Gherla in the 2000s.

Blum Margaréta, Blum Zoltán nõvére

Ezen a fényképen a nõvérem, Blum Margaréta látható, a zsidó neve Malvina. Iskoláskorában készült, az 1930-as években valamikor.

Mivel nincsenek fényképeim a rokonaimról, azaz a második világháború elõttrõl, valaki Ördöngösfüzesrõl nekem adott egy fényképet Jenõ bátyámról és ezt, Margarétáról.

Az egyetlen nõvérem, Margaréta 1921-ben született.

Gyerekkoromban eljártunk látogatóba a nagybátyáimhoz. Emlékszem, hogy fõként a nagyünnepek elõtt hoztak el ide, Szamosújvárra. Elhoztak a zsidó fürdõbe [mikve] Ros Hasóne [Ros Hásáná] és Jom Kipur elõtt.

Blum Zoltán

Blum Zoltán a feleségével, RozáliávalSzamosújvár, Rumänien

Blum Zoltán
Az interjút készítette: Cosmina Paul
Az interjúkészítés ideje: 2005. július

Blum Zoltán az egyetlen szamosújvári zsidó, aki túlélte a holokausztot.

Ő gondozza a városban fennmaradt zsinagógát, a zsidó ünnepekkor pedig a közeli zsidó hitközségekhez, Désre, Kolozsvárra utazik. 


Eva Deutsch with her cousin

This is a picture of my cousin Agi Herskovits, on the left, and me. It was taken in Kolozsvar in 1942.

We called the place where this photo was taken, Setater [Promenade] then [today Central Park]. We were going for a walk and Agi’s father, Lajos Herskovits, took a picture of us.

He had a camera and I know he used to take lots of pictures. My mother, Jolan Moskovits, nee Klein, and Agi's father were cousins, since their parents, my and Agi's grandmother were sisters.


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