Ewa and Rubin Cukier

I don’t know who took this picture and when exactly.

As most of our family shots, this one was probably saved thanks to Chawa, my father’s sister, who had left for Argentina before World War II. In this picture we can see my parents, Rubin, and Ewa Cukier.

My mother's name was Chawa, or Ewa, maiden name Gampel. She was born in 1894 in Warsaw. She was the second child in that family. She graduated from the 6th grade of public school.

Jozef Hen

Warsaw, Polen

Jozef Hen
Interviewer: Kinga Galuszka
Date of interview: May 2004

Mr. Jozef Hen is a well-known Polish writer and in private conversation a brilliant, courteous and inquisitive man.

This interview was conducted in the Ambasador Café in Warsaw, where he is a frequent costumer

and in the library of 'Zwiazek Literatow Polskich' (Association of Polish Writers),

where he is a 'Guest of Honor' and receives special treatment as a popular and respected personage.



Irena Wygodzka with siblings Natan and Zosia Beitner and Hadasa Krzesiwo

This is a picture of me, Irena Wygodzka, with my siblings Natan and Zofia and our family’s employee Hadasa.

It was taken on holiday in Jastrzebia Gora, in 1932. Almost every year we'd go on vacation. We'd leave the city for at least a month, or two. We'd take all our stuff.

We'd go near Katowice, to Bystra, to Cyganski Las, sometimes to Rabka, always to southern Poland, Silesia. I never went to the seaside before the war.

Irena Wygodzka with her parents Herman and Bajla Beitner, her brother Natan Beitner and sister Zosia Laks

This is a picture of my family, the Beitners. It was taken in 1932 after our family moved back to Poland.

When I was two years old my parents returned from Magdeburg, Germany, to Poland. We went to Katowice. That's where my two sisters were born, Zosia and Jadzia.

In this picture you can see my father, Stanislaw Wygodzki, first from left, then my brother Natan in the top row, me - Irena Wygodzka and then my mother, Bajla Beitner. My sister Zosia is in the bottom row, my father is holding her. My youngest sister, Jadzia, had not been born yet.


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