Matylda Wyszynska

Gdynia, Polen

Matylda Wyszynska
Interviewer: Anna Szyba
Date of interview: March 2006

Ms. Wyszynska is a very elegant old lady.

We meet at her apartment in Gdynia, which she shares with her granddaughter.

The apartment is modest but nice. Books on Jewish subjects stand on the shelves.


Mieczyslaw Najman

Swinoujscie, Polen

Mieczyslaw Najman
Interviewer: Tomasz Kluz 
Date of interview: November 2005

Despite his ninety years of age, Mr. Najman is a very vigorous man.

He tells the story of his life in a rapid manner, missing words, making frequent digressions...

You can hear in his voice the characteristic melodic drawl of pre-war Poland's eastern territories and the hard consonants of Yiddish.

He also frequently uses dialect expressions and phrases.


Stefan Minc in Walbrzych, 1948

This is me in 1947 or 1948, in Walbrzych.

After the war, in March 1946 I returned home from the Soviet Union with my wife, Maria.

At the beginning I was in Lodz. There was nobody left from my closest family, and Bela, my fiancee was also gone.

I was continually in touch with my uncle Adolf Fajner, the one who lived in Manchester. After the war he played the role of a link between the family members who were still alive.

Zygmunt Minc with friends

This is Zygmunt Minc, my father’s brother, in front of a guesthouse, surrounded by friends..

He’s second from left. This is probably taken in Krynica. Probably in 1947, 1948.

My grandparents lived in Warsaw. Their home was in a very elegant place, on Smolna Street, opposite what is now the drugstore at the corner of Smolna and Nowy Swiat, on the third floor.

The house was destroyed in WWII. That's where the two eldest sons of my grandparents were born: Bernard Mintz, who later became a doctor, and my father - Izydor Jozef.

Wladyslaw, Bernard and Adam Minc

This picture was taken when the Pilsudski Hill was being built, after Pilsudski’s death, in Cracow, near the Kosciuszko Hill.

Here, on the left is my brother Wladyslaw Minc and in the middle there is our uncle Bernard Minc.

On the right there is my cousin Adam Minc, the son of my father’s youngest brother - uncle Zygmunt Minc.

My father's older brother, Bernard, completed his medical studies in Vienna around 1908-9.

There he married Schwester, I mean the sister superior whose name was Maria (people called her Mitzi).


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