Fehér József

Ez a második férjem, Fehér József. A kép Budapesten készült, valamikor az 1960-as években.

József nem volt zsidó. De nagyon boldogan éltünk, nagyon szerettük egymást. 1926-ban született.

Õ két évvel volt fiatalabb, mint én. Mezõtúri volt. [Mezõtúr Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok vm.-i város, ekkoriban, az 1920-1930-as években 27 000 fõ körül ingadozott a lakosság lélekszáma. -- A szerk.]

Pyotr Bograd

In 1985 I toured the places in Hungary where I fought at the end of the war.

Here, near the village of Belsobarand, south-west of Budapest, I arranged an observation post for the division commandment. My comrades perished here. I am laying flowers.

I took part in the Great Patriotic War from its very beginning. At first I fought on the Western border. I was at the southern border of Austria and Yugoslavia in the direction of Zagreb at the time, when the war ended.

Ferenc Leicht

Budapest, Ungarn

Ferenc LeichtBudapest, HungaryInterviewer: Judit Rez Date of interview: June-November 2004

Ferenc Leicht has lived with his wife in Budapest for almost 50 years, in a plainly furnished apartment.

Most of their furniture are family inheritance, on the walls there are graphics, in the showcase there are color photographs of their grandchildren.

Mr. Leicht continued to work even after he had retired, he guided tourists from Israel in Budapest.



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