Lajos Hasko at the microscope

My father, during work. I think my brother took the picture, who got a camera for his bar mitzvah, among other things, and from then on he took a lot of pictures.

My father was born in Bekes in 1890. He was a wonderful man. He spoke German and French, and was a member of the generation, which lived at the beginning of the 20th century: incredibly erudite people, who spoke many languages and had been around a lot, and who were also excellent in their profession.

Gyorgyike Hasko’s class picture from the 1st grade of elementary school

This is my class picture from the first grade of elementary school.

My brother and I completed the four classes of elementary school on Szent Istvan Square. I hated the teacher very much, she even beat us. She became angry with one of the girls, and she hit her so hard that her nose started bleeding. We also went to Jewish religion classes, everyone had religion class. After elementary school both of us went to high school.


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