Charles Molho

This picture of Charles Molho, my father’s brother, was taken in Thessaloniki in the early 1920s.

My father, Raphael Molho, was the first of ten siblings.
Out of the big family of my father’ss there were left only a sister.

Bella, who lived in Israel, then still Palestine, a brother Charles, who lived in Brussels and survived Auschwitz.

Another brother Jacques who lived in Grenoble and also survived and two brothers living in Thessaloniki, Saoul and Alberto.
That is four brothers in all.

Mike Capuano at the Athens airport before leaving for Israel

This photo was taken at the airport of Athens in 1980, when my son, Mike Capuano was leaving for Israel.

I remember this particular incident of which I am ashamed. I was at the airport, crying because he was leaving and there comes to me one of the ambassadors of Israel.

She tells me, ‘What is it? Why are you crying Mrs. Capuano?’ Because I was a Jew, they knew me as a doctor at the embassy of Israel.

Leon and Bienvenida Moshe at home

This picture of my maternal grandparents, Leon and Bienvenida Moshe, was taken at home in Thessaloniki 1932, on the occasion of their son Mario Moshe’s engagement.

My grandfather Leon Moshe was very hard working and extremely strict. Jews were men dedicated to their family. My grandfather was the leader of his, a real ‘pater familias.’

I was watching this Turkish series on television and saying to myself, ‘This is Memik? That’s the name of the strict traditional grandfather in the series. Well, that’s my grandfather.’ Oh, he was really strict.

Bar mitzvah of Mike Capuano

This picture was taken on the day of my son Mike Capuano’s bar mitzvah in 1975, in our home in Athens.

My son received all the lessons necessary for his bar mitzvah. It was held on a Saturday and the rabbi didn’t give his consent to decorate the synagogue with flowers because, as he explained, the magnificence of the day is such that it cannot be beautified more with flowers.

So we introduced a novelty and offered a gardenia flower to every lady in the synagogue, at the place reserved for women only.

Silver Wedding of Yvonne and Richard Capuano

This picture was taken on 11th April 1979 at our home. On that day we celebrated our Silver Wedding and had a cocktail party at the Hilton Hotel.

The family of my husband was known to my family from Thessaloniki. At the Jewish school there was someone who worked there whose son was married to a first cousin of my father in Israel.

She was called Saltiel and her husband was Cohen. He was the one who got me in touch with my husband-to-be.

My husband was very open minded so he decided to call me on the phone and asked me to go out with him.

Vetta Frances

This photo of Vetta Frances, my sister’s adoptive daughter, was taken in Thessaloniki in 1947.

The brother of my brother-in-law hadn’t gone to the mountain, but stayed in Thessaloniki and got married to an Italian girl called Vetta, who was pregnant.

He would go somewhere and secretly, with his friends, would listen to the radio, from London, as the Germans had officially confiscated all the radios. Somebody betrayed them and they came in and arrested them all.

Yvonne Capuano-Molho and Charles Fix

This picture was taken on the ‘Remembrance Day of Greek Jewish Martyrs and Heroes of the Holocaust’ that took place on 27th January 2005, in Thessaloniki.

In 2005, I honored Mr. Fix. I had everything prepared already some fifteen or twenty years ago, but Mrs. Fix didn’t want me to, as she told me, ‘Mr. Fix is dead.

Mr. Fix hid you, I had no involvement in it, whatever we did we did it for the best and I don’t want any thank you. For whatever we did let G-d thank us.’

The wedding of Mimis and Suzanna Frances

This picture was taken in 1980 at the wedding of Mimis and Suzanna Frances, nee Schiaky at Monastirioton Synagogue in Thessaloniki.

All synagogues in Thessaloniki were destroyed during the war and now there is only one synagogue left, the ‘big synagogue’ as we call it, the ‘Monastirioton.’

It is the only one that wasn’t destroyed as it became a Red Cross depot. Today, this synagogue, the ‘big synagogue’ opens only for special events.

However in the Modiano market there is the ‘small synagogue’ [the ‘Yad Lezicaron’] which operates normally every day.

The wedding of Silia and Mike Capuano

This family picture was taken on my son’s wedding day in 1999, at their wedding party at Grande Bretagne Hotel.

From left to right are: Myriam Matza-Vellio, my niece Joyce Recanati, Mimis Recanati, the groom Mike Capuano, my husband Richard Capuano, Silia the bride and her father Costas Kapitsimadis.

In the upper row from left to right are Lakis Recanati, the mother of my daughter-in-law, Lena Kapitsimadi, then an other relative; I can’t remember her name, and then my sisters-in-law Renee Capuano and Mattie Capuano.


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